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The REVOLT is a hanging wind turbine that will run or charge any type of battery or device.

The REVOLT is designed for:

    Mobile Phones

    LED Lighting

    Back-up Power

    Off-grid / Renewable Energy Systems

    Portable Devices (Marine, RV, Camping)

    Remote Devices (Security / Monitoring Equipment)

    Emergency Kits

We’ve developed this windmill to be super-simple to set up, quiet, lightweight, and very low-cost.  Production begins at the end of 2018.

Wind-Powered Water Purification, Ventilation & OTHER EXCITING projects

The AquaDuck will aerate polluted and stagnate bodies of water using the power of the wind. The design is based on Bent Engineering’s patented Self-orienting Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. The device floats on water as it spins a propeller below the surface.

The AquaDuck incurs zero operating costs and produces zero carbon emissions. It has been observed that the floats provide refuge for fish and they could also create possible hydroponic gardening sites.

Although several prototypes have proven to be viable, The AquaDuck requires further aesthetic and mechanical modifications. Microbiological studies to prove efficacy need to be developed so that all of the components can be optimized before production.Sandra Van Berkel, a partner at Bent Engineering and a biochemist with experience in analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis, is looking forward to leading the research team on this project.

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The WAVE is a variation of the vertical axis wind turbine that can reside in the attic or on the roof of a building. It generates electricity and provides ventilation. It can spin a rotating shaft attached to a ceiling fan to cool interior spaces.

The WAVE is currently in development and we're excited to share our progress. Click here to check out our latest video!

More videos at

The Glass Bent Beam was conceived and tested by Stephen Cowap, the founder of Bent Engineering.

The hope is to make this architecturally beautiful and structurally sound beam available to engineers and architects for commercial and residential use.

Not only will designers be able to support a substantial load with this inexpensive and beautifully exposed beam, lighting could be installed in its interior to provide interest in interior design applications.

Future Projects:

The patented Self-Orienting Vertical Axis Wind Turbine provides a rotating shaft that delivers the power at ground level where it can be used to provide mechanical power for consumer products.

The Radon Abatement System alleviates the buildup of dangerous gases.

The Flying Kite will transform the way we travel.

Stephen Cowap founded Bent Engineering in 2012 after inventing a novel  structural support called the Glass Bent Beam. Since that time, he has invented and patented two new types of wind turbines that offer major advantages over existing wind turbine technology.

The mission of Stephen Cowap is to bring revolutionary wind-driven machines into mass-production so that they can be used to help solve today’s energy production and pollution problems while improving the lifestyle of millions of people worldwide.

Stephen has worked at Fortune 500 companies as a glass technologist for twenty years, was a member of ASTM C08, ran a testing laboratory, and was awarded a patent for a new glass batch additive for an industrial application at Owens Corning.

In addition to holding a master’s degree in ceramic engineering from the University of Illinois (Tau Beta Pi), Stephen has a passion for model building, art, sculpture, and photography.


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